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Let’s write stellar copy for your brand.

Want to know more details about the copy writing process?

Check out our frequently asked questions below. 

What does the copy writing process look like?

1. First, we’ll set up a time to chat to make sure we’re a good match for each other. When we chat, you’ll let us know about your brand, what content style and type you want, and more. 

2. If we decide to move forward, we’ll have you make payment. As soon as you do, we can get started!

How much do you charge for copy writing?

We charge 49 cents per word for projects less than 500 words, 25 cents per word for projects greater than or equal to 500 words, and $30 per hour to edit.  

How long will it take provide the copy?

It takes approximately one week to deliver a draft to the client per 1,000 words of copy. However, we will discuss the estimated turn-around when we touch base about the project. 

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds because we can’t make up for lost time.  

What subjects can you write about?

We can cover a broad array of topics including social media, digital marketing, personal and professional finance, practical philosophy/self-help, music, and more. In our initial call, we will make sure we can write authoritatively on your requested topic or do our best to direct you to someone who can. 

What type of content can you create?

The Alley Digital team has written hundreds of blog posts, several mass emails, press releases, magazine articles, two e-books, and hundreds of social media posts. In general, we feel confident we can help you write whatever web content you need!    

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